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TG Real Estat Story

1- Message from the Chairman
2- Who We Are
3- What We Do
4- Who We Do Work For

Message from the Chairman

The TG. Philosophy: Make A Difference

In the past, geographical boundaries were the uppermost limit of entrepreneurial activity and the exchange of information. Now, the world has changed and Globalization is now a key word for many companies.TG. General Services has responded to this advancement and incorporates the principles of globalization into the companys strategies and our approach to business.At TG. General Services we know that to be the leading property professionals - We have to excel in everything we do! This is the sentiment that is still understood and endorsed within our company

The TG. Vision

The core of our vision at TG. General Services is to give the customer the best product, coupled with excellent service and value provided by the most professional people.

The TG. Statement of Purpose:

Our company has served the community for over 30 years and is one of the most successful “private company’s “today. Our tradition of success comes from our commitment to fostering close relations with partners based on mutual respect fo- the idea of quality of work at competitive prices delivered with high standards of business practices. As a “private company” we are dedicated to the provision of high-quality services and are committed to customer satisfaction. We believe that our proven track record shows that we know what is essential to develop successful business relation. And in keeping with this tradition we work hard to keep our standards high and strive for quality in all areas of our business. TG. General Services is a full-service company for the Construction, Decoration, Maintenance Services and Real Estate for commercial and residential properties. At TG. General Services we place the highest value on human well-being.

Client trust is the key of our success

Who We Are

TG. General Services is one of the Egyptian companies headquartered in Cairo. In operation since 1987 TG~ General Services has progressed to meet the needs of the marketplace and has adopted a new philosophy geared towards expanding its projects and services locally.

Company History:

TG. General Service is the first company to offer comprehensive general maintenance service in a highly professional way. The idea originated in 1987 at Victoria College athletics field in Maadi. Our highly qualified English-speaking staff had an invaluable working relationship with the Expatriate community for 8 years. In 1993, the staff agreed to establish our own company to service all the needs of the Maadi and Cairo areas continuing our quality service. We continue to serve this market and our team of professionals is trusted with the care and upkeep of households, institutions and commercial establishments throughout the area. We are proud to say that we now deal with multi-national companies, Embassies, Restaurants, Hotels, Private companies, Government and non-Government offices and Residential homes and flats.


TG. General Services is recognized as a leading company and has established a solid reputation in providing comprehensive high value added services in representing the needs of customers.

TG. General Services is:

Committed to customer satisfaction and believes in long-term relationships Committed to reducing frustration with stress-free and convenient services for all property needs Committed to understand the lifestyle requirements and interests of its customers Committed to create and deliver customized solutions according to the input of customer needs and budget


The employees of TG. General Services bring the company’s future into focus everyday, in everything they do. TG. General Services team of professionals which include 10 in the field and 25 casual workers are highly respected and supported by the company in all that they do in the delivery of quality service.

What We Do

Property Services

The main sectors that TG. General Services cover are Property Improvement, Design & Decorate and Real Estate.

Property Improvement

o Air Conditioning
o Appliances
o Bathroom remodeling
o Carpentry
o Construction
o Electrical
o Fencing/Perimeter walls
o Flooring
o Glass and Screens
o Kitchen remodeling
o Landscaping
o Patios
o Plumbing
o Preventative maintenance programs
o Sunrooms
o Tile and Stone
o Windows and doors

Design and Decorate

o Furniture
o Painting
o Upholstery

Real Estate Services

o Home finding
o Independent Real Estate broker
o Home Assessment

TG. Service Advantages:

o Designs and feasibility studies (free of charge)
o Latest technology available is used
o All work is guaranteed
o Superior quality at the best price
o On time courteous service
o Our staff is uniformed and carry I.D. badges
o Individual training on use of any systems we install is included

Real Estate Certificate

o The American University In Cairo.
o The American University In Cairo.
o The American University In Cairo.
o The American University In Cairo.
o Mortage Realestate Brokerage Cairo University

Real Estate Clients

o Bp Egypt
o Proctor
o Royal Danish Embassy
o Gulf Of Suez Petroleum (Gupco)
o Sigma Coating
o American Restaurant Country Kitchen (Lucille's)
o Sawnco (Oil service & catering)
o European Union
o New Zealand Milk Product
o Egyptian Drilling Company
o GlobalSantafe
o 3M
o Ieoc
o Abdul Aziz Ali Al-Mutawa Group
o Carrefour
o Cemex Egypt
o Tianshi Health Ind. & Ent. Egypt. Ltd
o Placogips
o Naftaplin
o Four Seasons Hotel

Who We Do Work For

Foreigd Missions:

o Canadian Embassy
o South African Embassy
o Mexican Embassy
o American Embassy (Maadi House)

Corporations/Multi-National Companies

o Apache Egypt Companies
o Hughes Aircraft Systems International
o Oceaon Oil Company
o XL Systems Oil Company
o Frank’s International
o Brolaz Egypt Telecommunications
o Seagull Est Zeit Petroleum Limited

Businesses & Organizations

o American Restaurant Country Kitchen
o Lucille’s Restaurant
o Mermaid Restaurant
o Community Services Association (CSA)


o Many Expatriate homes in Greater Cairo
o Other references are available upon request
o Cairo American Softball League

TG. General Services is proud to work with the following financial institutions:

o E.A.B. Maadi
o C.I.B. Maadi
o HSBC Maadi

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